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    Uniquely handcrafted in the Atelier in Berlin. 

    Custom tailored to your size. 

    Made from deadstock denim sourced in Italy.

    Handmade replicated wash with destroyed finish.


    This artisanal denim pants features a dsitinctive layered design with fabric panels that gracefully flow in motion. Exclusively crafted on order in the Atelier in Berlin from deadstock premium denim.


    After your purchase you will be contacted from our sales team, guiding you through the process of finding the right measurements, to precisely tailor the garment to your size.

    • Shipping and Return

      This garment is exclusively crafted on order according to your desired measurements. Please allow us up to 5 weeks of production time, until the order is ready to ship.

      Once we started to produce your order, it is not possible to refund or return the product. 

    • Size

      This garment will be exclusively tailored to your size. Our sales team will contact you after your purchase to guide you through finding the right measurement.

    • Material

      The material consists of premium deadstock denim sourced from the Italian denim industry.

      The exact material components can therefore vary depending on the availability. Slight changes in color are possible.

    • Sustainability

      By using deadstock fabrics we are taking advantage of industry leftovers, to achieve a less wasteful and more sustainable future.

      Our self-developed handmade destroyed finish replicates an industry washed denim without actually washing the garment and without harmful chemicals. 

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