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    Digitally sculpted sunglasses with complex frame design, inspired by the workflow and techniques from the 'Liminality' runway collection.

    Shiny black finish and black lenses.

    Foldable design with dustbag to carry.

    14 days return. Free shipping within EU.

    Direct shipping from our Atelier in Berlin, Germany. Parcel will dispatch within 1-2 days.


    With the 'Liminality' sunglasses, we have crafted a pristine signature piece that elevates every look with its distinctive shape—a form that evolved from the creative process of the 'Liminality' collection. This runway collection traverses the realms of virtual fashion and artificial intelligence while embodying the timeless elegance of human craftsmanship. It features ethereal body sculptures that are digitally hand-sculpted, inspired by randomly generated AI patterns.

    These sunglasses are created using the same innovative process, capturing the essence of the collection to bestow its unique allure into your possession.



    • Shipping and Return

      This product is ready to ship and will dispatch after 1-2 days. A return is possible within 14 days after receiving the product. For more info please visit our Returm Policy.

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